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Drain Lining relining of broken drainage

Drain Lining – DrainsClean Andover

Drain Relining is relatively old, but a cost effective permanent way to repair damaged drains. The pipe has to be reasonably intact, with reasonable room for the liner to pass through and access at one end to install the liner. We use drain lining when conventional excavation is not an option, either due to expense or just not viable due to various reasons. This is also used as a very effective repair for root damage, from tree or shrub roots entering the drain.

A liner is just a tube made from felt with a plastic outer coating. Before the liner is installed into your damaged drain pipe repair, we pour a resin mixture into the liner to soak into the fabric leaving a flat liner. Which then gets inserted into the damaged section.

A plastic calibration hose is then inverted into the drain liner, with the use of air usually which then gets inverted along to the end of the liner. This, in turn, forces the liner open to follow the shape of the drain and seals against the inside of the drain wall. This calibration pipe remains in place inflated until the resin cures, once cured, it is then deflated and removed leaving a new drain pipe within the old drain.

This reduces the internal drain pipe diameter by approx. 6mm, this is not an issue as the flow of the drain is improved by the new smooth surface.

Pitch Fiber & Re-rounding

Also used for the rehabilitation of pitch fibre pipe, after pipe re-rounding has taken place. Pitch Fibre was used heavily in the 1950s to 1970 on mainly sewer laterals, it was cheap, light and easy to handle. It was made from wood cellulose impregnated with inert coal tar pitch. 

The problem with Pitch Fibre pipe was, that it came prone to deformation and DE-lamination over time. This would lead to drain blockages, or worse drain collapses. Safety Warning pitch fibre contains asbestos, so always take precautions.

Drain Sleeving and Patch Repair
How the drain relining process is carried out in 6 simple steps. We also carry out patch repair to accommodate smaller drain repairs, patch lining is similar to drain lining but on a much smaller scale. If you are experiencing drainage problems or have roots in your drain, a patch repair is a permanent repair to prevent further drain issues.

After wasted attempts to clear the blocked drain ourselves, we suspected a broken sewage pipe and requested a CCTV camera to confirm this. Neil from Drainsclean provided an excellent service, (more…)

Many thanks for an excellent service from Neil at Drains Clean. A blocked kitchen gully was causing problems and making the garden inaccessible. Drains Clean attended at short notice on a Sunday (more…)

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