Signs of a Blocked Drain

Signs of a Blocked Drain

If you are like other people, you probably do not think about it until there are signs of drain problems. There is nothing wrong with that, yet life can be less messy and much simpler once you pay attention to such issues as soon as possible. Understanding the signs of a blocked drain will also help you fix problems more quickly and more easily, enabling you to consider drain/sewer clearance in Andover if necessary.

More often than not, accumulations in the drains and pipes create blockages. It could be food from the kitchen sink, soap and hair buildup from the bathroom sink or bathtub. Toilet papers that aren’t meant to be flushed may also cause blockages in the drains.

If you are concerned about the blockage, below are the signs you should look for:

  • Bad Smell – Unpleasant smell may come before the slow drain, yet it’s a sign that there is something wrong. It might be due to some things including rotten food in kitchen sinks.

  • Slowly Draining Bathtub or Sink – Slow drain is one of the common signs of a blocked drain. It often occurs when the pipe’s diameter is constricted by the thickening layer of soap and grime and due to blockage somewhere in the drain-line.

  • Plants Growing Near the Sewer Line or Water on the Lawn – It’s a bit different from some signs as such happen in a home and these are an obvious outside drain blocked. If you found a puddle in the lawn, you would want to have professionals assess the drain and take necessary actions to get rid of blockage or deal with the damage from your sewer line. Trees growing near your sewer drain or foliage may create huge problems since the root systems may damage the water and sewer lines underground.

  • Gurgling Drains – Gurgling noise basically means that air is actually trapped somewhere in your plumbing system. It might be due to buildup in drains such as oil, food, and grease. The food deposits might not always be easy to get rid of using drain cleaners. There are times that the high-powered tools of professionals like the hydro-jetter can improve your pipe’s interior at the same time while they are removing the blockage that caused the issue.

Damage to sewer lines might be another reason for gurgling in the drain. This problem is more serious compared to blockage, and typically needs professionals to fix the issue safely. But, another reason why there are gurgling noises in drains is the blocked vent pipe, which attaches to drain pipes and goes to roof to let the sewer gas escape from the system. If such aren’t taken care of, you might find that sewer backs up in the drainage system.

Blocked drains can definitely cause an inconvenience. However, if you are one of those who know the real causes of the problems and you pay attention to them immediately, you will know how to unclog a shower drain like a boss.

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