An Expert’s Guide to Preventing Blocked Drains

An Expert’s Guide to Preventing Blocked Drains

As they always say, water is life. This is a fact since most activities in your day to day life practically revolve around water. The water you use on a daily basis leaves homes and buildings through the drainage pipes. It doesn’t matter if you are a commercial property owner or a homeowner because it can be a serious headache if you end up dealing with a blocked drain. Clogged drains are notorious for interrupting the usual activities in homes and buildings. This is why quality Andover SP10 blocked drain clearance cleaning repair is a must before things are too late.

All About Drains

Drains are pipes which transport sewage or surface water from properties. The point where your drain is connected to the sewer at your property’s border is called the lateral drain. Sewers are pipelines which transport sewage and surface water from several properties. When your drain gets blocked, you are going to notice overflowing gullies and toilet waste which don’t go away no matter how much you flush. The drains in your property will emit foul smell, too.

Why Do Drains Get Blocked?

There are a lot of things which can cause a drain blockage. Your kids may have the habit of flushing down objects in the toilet which can block the drain. Plants can also block drains once their root systems work their way to the drain in search of water. Roots often put pressure on pipes which can lead to cracking where dirt and other foreign items can enter the get inside the drain. Large amounts of leaves can collect in drains and block them. Hair which accumulated in drains is also a very common cause of blocked drains, as well as fat and grease (FOG) from the kitchen sink that end up stuck inside the waste pipe or drain.

What to Do with Blocked Drains

Once you noticed that your drain is blocked, it is best to ask your neighbours first if they are experiencing the same issue. If this happens to be a general problem in your neighbourhood, it is probably because the sewer is blocked. The respective authorities must be notified right away for them to deal with the issue. However, if your property is the only one encountering the issue, it means that you have a blocked drain. Therefore, you have to hire a qualified drainage engineer/plumber that can unblock your blocked drain.

Tips to Maintain Clear and Unblocked Drains

Aside from knowing how to clear a clogged shower drain, there are several things you can do to prevent the drains from getting blocked. The first and most important tip is to be extra cautious of the things going down your drain and those lying around it. There are many advantages to keeping your drain clog-free. A clear drain can help prevent leaking walls, roofs, or ceilings and also keeps your electrical wiring and fittings free from any damage.

When you clean your dishes, see to it that you clear away all food particles from your plates first before you put them in the sink. Use enough amount of soap for the grease in dishes to break down properly. Avoid pouring grease down the drain as well. Toiletries such as cotton wool and sanitary pads must all be thrown in the bin instead of flushing them down your toilet. Lastly, try to keep your yard free of debris and leaves as much as possible.

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