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Drain Jetting

Drain jetting from DrainsClean engineers in Andover will present you with fast, effective drain cleaning for your drainage and sewers.

We use van pack high pressure water jetting and cleaning equipment for drain jetting, which produce very high quality results in your drainage .

Whether you are looking for a specific problem that needs dealing with, or you are just wanting to improve the overall efficiency of your drains and prevent any potential issue.

Professional Drain Jetters

Our jetters have high pressure pumps which puts out highly pressurised water jets to blast away blockages, dirt and grime. This gives you a very high standard of cleaning and will put your drains in tip top condition once again.

In brief, our jetters are a great cost-effective tool and highly effective – no need to go anywhere else to find drain jetting in Andover, Hampshire, Salisbury and the surrounding areas in the South East. Call DrainsClean – 01264 280 009.

 width=Drain Jetting Andover Hampshire and surrounding area. 
If you’ve had enough of repeat drain problems, its time you thought about drain jetting. What is drain jetting? Drain jetting (High Pressure Water Jetting) is a very effective and efficient way of clearing drain blockages. Water is stored in a tank and passed through a high pressure water pump, then down a rubber hose with a jetting nozzle at the end. Much better than drain rods for long distances, also negotiating bends in the drain pipe and more force on the toughest blockages.
Drain rods can be better for blockages near to the toilet, or for a blocked kitchen gully or drain. 

After wasted attempts to clear the blocked drain ourselves, we suspected a broken sewage pipe and requested a CCTV camera to confirm this. Neil from Drainsclean provided an excellent service, (more…)

Many thanks for an excellent service from Neil at Drains Clean. A blocked kitchen gully was causing problems and making the garden inaccessible. Drains Clean attended at short notice on a Sunday (more…)

Bill Barnett, City